Featuring Aveo’s proprietary linear COB technology, these lights feature uniform, diffuse, non-glare light. Optional Version with Internal SuperCapacitor power backup in event of crash to water or land for added safety.


Comparison of special Aveo’s proprietary linear diffuse technology with standard technology using by many competitors

Aveo Engineering EXIT lights feature uniform, diffuse, non-glare light.

Custom LANGUAGES available

Different SIZES available

Easy to install


Cockpit and cabin lighting, especially on aircraft, helicopters, boats, recreational vehicles and trucks are plagued by problems from vibration…. the SmartEvac overcomes this with a vibration-proof product.

EXIT light – PN 1100470

Operating voltage range: 18 – 36 V DC
Operating current: 48 mA / 28 V
Color of housing: Silver
Dimensions: 100mm x 50mm x 13,5mm
Weight: 45 g (+/- 1 g)

Installation Manual

PN 1100470