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Company facilities are in:

  • Palm Coast, Florida
  • Pribram, Czech Republic
  • Kosice, Slovakia
  • Gelnica, Slovakia
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Note: Aveo Florida LLC is not legally affiliated with Aveo Engineering Group LLC and does not share same ownership

Aveo has manufacturer liaisons in:

  • Seattle,USA
  • San Francisco,USA
  • New York, USA
  • Birmingham, UK
  • Lorach, Germany
  • Heidelberg, Germany

Aveo Engineering Group World Headquarters

Airport Hangar & Industrial Complex,
Pribram Airport, Czech Republic

All Aircraft OEM Manufacturers:

For Military/Defense Inquries:

For General Inquiries for Aviation, Marine, Vehicle, Specialty Lighting:

For General Sales Inquiries:

Aveo Engineering North America Headquarters

(Factory & Engineering Subsidiary)

Palm Coast, FL, USA

Aveo Engineering LLC

Administrative Office:
4863 N.W. Palm Coast Parkway Suite 5
Palm Coast, FL 32137

skype: aveodamien (for technical and warranty support)

(Independent Resellers, Dealers and Distributors not Aveo Subsidiaries or Aveo Company related entities)

Aveo Factory Resellers

(Independent Resellers, not an Aveo Subsidiary)

Stefan Weiss

Former CIS countries and Middle East
Office: +49 6205 2084440
Mobile: +49 163 2892931
Skype: aviacomponents1

Aveostar Sdn Bhd

Selangor, Malaysia
Ahmad Faizon
Aveo Factory Rep Pacific Rim
No. 2.11 Wisma UNIKEB UKM
Bandar Baru Bangi 43600 Selangor, Malaysia

Aveo Engineering USA, LLC

New York, NY, USA

Karen Nielsen
President, Aveo Engineering USA, LLC
North and South America distributor

Kestrel-Air / Aveo Northwest

Tacoma, WA, USA
Howard Olson
Tacoma, WA

Aveo Engineering Southwest LLC

Carson City, NV, USA

Rick Lindstrom
5801 Sheep Drive Unit 4,
Carson City, NV. 89701

Aveo Europe

West Midlands, United Kingdom
Paul Whittingham
Executive Vice President
Aveo Europe Ltd
1-5 harden Road, Walsall
West Midlands, WS3IEL, United Kingdom

Aveo Engineering GmbH

Lörrach, Germany

Georg Hartl
OEM Certification Program Specialist
+49 170 6194518
Skype: georg-hartl

Please email and provide your country location and Aveo will contact you to support your needs.

Authorized Installation Centers: