PosiTail Nano


If your aircraft has an extremely thin and streamlined empennage, the PosiTail Nano™ is the ultimate solution!  As the world’s smallest position light assemblies that meet all DO-160 and FAR requirements, this light will make your aircraft legal for night flying if your wing lights are not parallel to your aircraft centerline due to wingtip shapes.


6 High brightness LEDs for POSITION light coverage (140°)

Packed with 6 ultra high brightness CREE LEDs for POSITION mode in white color that are the industry state-of-the-art in performance and output lumens, the PosiTails feature a significantly lower footprint than competitor lights.

Lowest drag form factor & design in the industry

An extremely lightweight, aerodynamic and low-profile design make this the light of choice for any aircraft requiring a rear coverage light due to wingtip light coverage zone limits.

Waterproof / Shockproof / Dust-proof

All Aveo lights are waterproof, dust proof, and inert to most environmental conditions as they are all tested to categories of DO-160 exceeding the applicable requirements by far in external laboratories experienced in compliance demonstration of EASA ETSO appliances.

Dimensions (mm): see picture on the left
Dimensions (inches): see picture on the left
Weight (g): 95 g
Weight (oz): 3.35 oz
Operating Voltage Range: 9 – 36 Vdc
Output power – white steady: 2.7 W
Output current: 0.075A/LED
Warm up time: less than 3sec
Transcend voltage: 60V, both polarities
Under-voltage lockout: 9V , not more
Over-voltage lockout: 36V, not less
Ambient temperature: from -40°C to +85°C (from -40°F to +185°F)
Overheat protection: +85°C / +185°F
Waterproof: YES
Vibration-proof: YES
Shock-proof: YES
Dust-proof: YES

Installation Manual