PosiStrobe MiniMax


Developed originally at the request of the world’s leading UAV manufacturers, all of which now utilize Aveo lighting, the MiniMax is a compact powerhouse of hemispheric light. It is also a great anticollision light to use on upper and lower fuselage in combination with AveoFlash wing lights due to its incredibly small footprint.


12 High brightness LEDs for HEMISPHERIC coverage

The PosiStrobe MiniMax™ version incorporates 12 of the brightest LEDs available in the world today, with chromacity and intensity compliant to all international aviation and safety standards. Unlike our competitors we continually introduce upgraded versions because of the rapidly changing LED technology, so you will never see old LEDs in Aveo lights as you do with other suppliers who are still using low efficiency, low output, less reliable LEDs from 5 to 7 years ago!

Available in RED or WHITE led color (custom option is NVIS/IR)

Available in red or white LEDs, it is an ideal anticollision light for very light aircraft or UAVs. Custom option is NVIS Compatible white or InfraRed.

Low drag form factor & design

An extremely lightweight, aerodynamic and low-profile design make this light of choice for any small aircraft requiring a A/C coverage light.

No separate strobe power box needed

Aveo pioneered the no external power supply design from its inception in the industry and the copycats have yet to match our exclusive circuitry. Quite simply the lowest weight solution you can get, in 9 to 36 volt input range too!

Waterproof / Shockproof / Dust-proof

All Aveo lights are waterproof, dust proof, and inert to most environmental conditions as they are all tested to categories of DO-160 exceeding the applicable requirements by far in external laboratories experienced in compliance demonstration of EASA ETSO appliances.

Dimensions - [mm]: 55.6 x 44.4 x 28.4
Dimensions - [inches]: 2.19" x 1.75" x 1.12"
Weight: 53 g / 1.87 oz
Operating Voltage Range: 9 – 36 V DC
Power – position: 2.6 W
Current – position (@12V): 0.22 A
Power – strobe (Watts): 24 W peak
Current – strobe (@12V): 2 A peak
Repetition Rate of Strobe: 50 cycles per minute
Recommended size of mounting screw: M3, stainless steel recommended.Length depends upon placement location on wingtips.
Reverse polarity protected NO
Over Voltage protected NO
Waterproof YES
Vibration-proof YES
Shock-proof YES
Dust-proof YES

Installation Manual