PosiStrobe JP


PosiStrobe - rear position / strobe light
Dimensions (mm): 45.3 mm x 56 mm x 30 mm
Dimensions (inches): 1.785“ x 2.206“ x 1.18“
Weight (g): 67 g
Weight (oz): 2.363 oz
Operating Voltage Range: 9 – 18 VDC
Input Current – Position: 0.28 A @14V
Input Current – Strobe: 3.5 A @14V (peak)
Average Current Consumption per Frame – Strobe: 0.56 A
Average Current Consumption per Frame – Pos and Strobe: 0.8 A
Input Power - Position: 4 W @14V
Input Power - Strobe: 49 W @14V (peak)
Repetition Rate of Strobe: 48 cycles per minute
Fuse (Circuit Breaker) Recommendation: 5A for position
5A for strobe
Recommended size of mounting screw: M3, #6-32
Ambient Temperature: from -55°C to +85°C
from -55°F to +185°F
Overheat Protection: Yes (+85°C / +185°F)
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
Transient Voltage: 60V at 2sec max, both polarities
Under-Voltage Protection (lockout): Yes (9V)
Over-Voltage Protection (lockout): Yes (18V)
Waterproof, Dust-proof, Vibration-proof: Yes


PosiStrobe JP - drawing

Specification Sheet