Crystal Conforma for Cessna


Introducing Conforma™ for Cessna™

Aveo Engineering is excited to announce the market release of its paradigm-shifting Conforma™ lighting technology now being used by so many of the world’s famous aircraft manufacturers. You too can have the sleekest, brightest, safest aircraft in the sky while decreasing drag at the same time. Replace your factory wingtips with the coolest wingtips on the planet, if not the galaxy. Aveo introduces Conforma™ for the Cessna™ 150 and 172 series.  The Conforma™ provide Navigation (Red and Green) and Strobe (White) function.

6+6 (Green+Red) High brightness LEDs for NAVIGATION mode

In Navigation mode, the Conforma™ provides an integral navigation light engine. It provides Navigation function per the FAR requirements.

18+18 (L+R) High brightness LEDs for STROBE mode

In this mode of operation, the Conforma™ strobe module works as an anti-collision strobe light.

Comprehensive Conforma™ Wingtip Module Package

This package includes brand new Aveo factory produced wingtips for your Cessna™ aircraft model, with the Conforma™ Base Package PRE-INSTALLED.

Available in Kevlar/Carbon or Fiberglass Fabric

Conforma™ is not only lighter but significantly stronger than the factory original tips

Airplane compatibility

Cessna™ Models: 150C, 172, 172A, 172B, 172C, 172D, 172E, 172F, 172G, 172H, 172I, 172K, 172L, 172M, 172N, 172P, 172Q, 172R, 172S

Waterproof / Shockproof / Dust-proof

The Conforma™ modules are completed protected from water ingress, dust contamination, and are virtually shockproof except for high speed impact of hard objects which may damage the outer lens.

Voltage range: 9-36 V DC
Voltage protection: Transient voltage: 60 V, both polarities
Under-voltage lockout: 9 V, not more
Over-voltage lockout: 36 V, not less
Performance at 12-36VDC, 25°C and 82% DC-DC efficiency:
Output current, not less: 0.17 A/LED Navigation steady
0.9 A/LED White strobe
Output power, not less: 4.3W, red steady
5 W, green steady
26 W white pulse strobe
Input power, not more: 4.5 W, red steady
7.1 W, green steady
36 W, white strobe
Input current, not more: Nav steady
0.5A at 9V – Red
0.8 A at 9V – Green
0.35A at 14 –Red
0.45A at 14V – Green
0.160A at 28V – Red
0.22A at 28V – Green

White strobe
4A at 9V
2.6 at 14V
1.3A at 28V

Cessna 150 & 172 SERIES Installation Manual



Please, contact Damien Esmond:

Aveo assumes no liability for performance in your particular aircraft related to your installation, operation or interaction with any electronics or electrical equipment or avionics whatsoever due to the infinite variation of same in each kit plane, and the wiring and circuit protections and connections variations and quality levels that are not under the control of Aveo whatsoever, and there is no warranty for any kind of performance.

The wingtips for Cessna, Mooney and VANs are shipped with just gelcoat treatment and must be prepared and painted and finished by the customer.

Cessna™ is a registered trademark of Cessna Aircraft Company