Arusha Medivac

Arusha Medivac, the only Air Ambulance provider in Tanzania, with a rapid response to the Northern National Parks as well as all of Tanzania and Nairobi Kenya. Flying out of Arusha Airport, we also have easy access to tertiary medical facilities within Tanzania and in Nairobi.

Authorized to land at specific airstrips at night, our medically-equipped and continually disinfected Piper Navajo aircraft will bring you safely and swiftly to hospital facilities, accompanied by a highly qualified medical team throughout the journey.

“The majority of flights are into remote landing strips that are just dirt, and no lights. Aveo lights turn night to day and help us avoid hitting animals such as wildebeasts.”

Aveo CabinPure Tuff

The VeoLite™ CabinPure Tuff™ features UVC 275 nm disinfecting light to provide rapid surface disinfection while the aircraft is unoccupied. CabinPure Tuff has IP67 silicon enclosure that is shockproof and nearly unbreakable. It’s perfect for areas where hard objects are stowed, and may bump into surrounding surfaces.

Veolite™ provides complete disinfection solutions for variety of cabins.

V2D2 OnePass VC

The Veolite™ V2D2™ OnePass VC™ disinfecting wand is a portable hand-held unit that is perfect for the quick disinfection of surfaces in cabins, cockpits, baggage compartments, galleys and lavatories. Just 2 to 3 seconds of exposure to the “blue zone” produced by the wand is enough for immediate and effective sanitizing.

Here are a few examples which involve aircraft operations in critical need areas of the world, where we make night operations not only possible but also bring them high performance lighting for their operations FOR FREE. Aveo donates its products, its support, and its time and money to provide these free lights knowing that it directly impacts medevac flights being able to operate around the clock, to support delivery of medicines and doctors to remote and desperate medical crisis areas of the globe.

These flight operations are able to provide immediate relief no matter the time of day to natural disaster areas and war impacted populations.

Replacement of position, anti-collision and landing lights

Dirt Runway takeoff in the Serengeti

Replacement of anti-collision light

So when you are buying Aveo products, you are touching so many in need and making things better in this cruel, dangerous and unfair world.