Portable germicidal UVC 254nm lamp

Disinfect your business with portable germicidal UVC lamps. Designed to be effective against viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, mites, and 99% of parasites, V-Sabre lamps use low-pressure mercury quartz technology to produce ozone-free, 254 nm wavelength UVC light.

Our UVC V-Sabre lamps emit omni-directional UVC light using quartz tubes. Because they are screw-in lamps with a standard base, they offer very flexible options in adapting to room configurations and conditions. Each bulb comes with a socket and plug. The socket features an holder that can be used to suspend the light like a pendant, or it can be mounted to an optional tripod, for maximum flexibility and portability.

Wattage: 60W / 80W
Base: E26 / E27 / E39 / EX39 / E40
Operating temp: -10°C ~ 35°C (+14°F ~ +95°F)
Hold time: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 mins
Lamp type: UVC
Wavelength: 254nm
Sensor detection: 1 Microwave + 3 PIR sensors
Life span: 9,000H
Voltage: 110V (100~120V) / 230V (220~240V)

V-Sabre Lamp Suggested Area and Time

Built-In Safety Features

  • Remote control puts distance between you and the lamp
  • To prevent accidental exposure to UV rays, motion sensors instantly shut off the lamp if motion is detected. Each UV lamp comes with redundant sensors — one microwave and three PIR —to ensure performance
  • A 20 second delay, accompanied by a warning buzzer, gives you time to leave the area before the UV rays turn on