Maximus PowerMax VDC

Maximus PowerMax VDC

PAR 64 Drop-In replacement / Landing LED light


Light characteristics: Landing Light / PAR64 replacement
Dimensions: 7.91“ x 2.93“ (201 mm x 74mm)
Weight: 1.291 kg / 2.846 lb
Input voltage: from +18 to +36 VDC
Input current: 5.9A @ 28VDC (rms) max
Input power: 165W (typ)
Ambient temperature: -55°C..+85°C / -67°F..+185°F
Overheat protection: +85°C / +185°F (temperature dependent decrement of intensity)
Voltage protection: Transient voltage: 2 seconds +40VDC
Over-voltage lockout: +30VDC, not less
Color: Cool White
Viewing Angle:
Useful life: not less than 30.000 aircraft flight hours



1 040 000 cd

Installation Manual