Hercules 16


AveoEngineering introduces the exclusive next-generation landing/taxi/wigwag light module. The undeniable favorite in all global side-by-side comparison tests, the Hercules features 3 modes in its standard build…. Landing, Taxi or WigWag.


10 High brightness LEDs for LANDING light coverage

Packed with 10 ultra high brightness CREE aviation white LEDs for LANDING mode.

6 High brightness LEDs for TAXI and WIGWAG mode

Packed with 6 ultra high brightness CREE aviation white LEDs for TAXI and WIGWAG mode.

16 High brightness LEDs for FULL POWER with HIGH/LOW function

Easy to install

Available with a variety of mounting bracket solutions.

Waterproof / Shockproof / Dust-proof

All Aveo lights are waterproof, dust proof, and inert to most environmental conditions as they are all tested to categories of DO-160 exceeding the applicable requirements by far in external laboratories experienced in compliance demonstration of EASA ETSO appliances.

Environmentally Friendly

The Hercules™ uses far less power than competitive products illuminated by mercury-arc, high intensity discharge, or halogen lamps, which means they help to reduce air pollution from carbon emissions. Mercury and Lead-free, this RoHS compliant environmentally – friendly technology helps reduce power consumption and the amount of hazardous waste entering the environment. Finally, a “green” aircraft light!

AVE-H16MWSSOH-00A (with Aveo bracket)
Number of LED: 16
Input voltage: from +9 to +36 VDC
Current: - Taxi -> max. 2.2A (12V )
- Landing -> max. 3.5A (12V )
- Landing + Taxi -> max. 5.6A (12V )
Output power [Hi/Low]:

- Taxi -> 23/11W
- Landing -> 38/19W
- Landing + Taxi -> 61W/30W

Voltage protection: 80V, both polarities
Under-voltage lockout: 8.5V , not more
Over-voltage lockout: 37V, not less
Ambient temperature: from -55°C to +85°C
(from -67°F to +185°F)
Function description:

a. Taxi, steady light - 6 LEDs
b. Landing, steady light - 10 LEDs
c. Taxi+Landing - 16 LEDs
d. Synchro Mastrer function, active – low
e. Wig-Wag – Taxi LEDs only
f. Master/Slave select sequential and simultaneous Wig-Wag mode
g. High/Low power select for Landing and Taxi

Beam Pattern: a. Landing: 12° Vert 12° Horizont
b. Taxi: 12° Vert 12° Horizont
Light Intensity (calculated): a. 64.000 cd - Landing Hi
b. 30.000 cd - Landing Lo
c. 25.000 cd - Taxi Hi
d. 10.000 cd - Taxi Lo
e. 89.000 cd - Landing + Taxi Hi
f. 40.000 cd - Landing + Taxi Lo
Color and shade: cool white, 5000K – White
Programmable Soft-Start: less than 50mS
Overheat protection: temperature dependent decrement intensity
Weight: less than 1.08lbs (490 g) with Aveo bracket
Useful life: not less than 30.000,0 aircraft flight hours
Dimension: 4.33” Round x 1.79” (D = 110mm, H = 45.7mm)
Material: a. Housing/Heatsink: Aluminum Alloy, natural anodizing
b. Lens: Clear PMMA

Installation Manual