Halloween to New Years Thank-You Promotion!

 Thank You All
for recognizing Aveo’s superior dedication to quality, performance, design and engineering.

Aveo has enjoyed another record year in sales and in hiring, and our promotion for the PowerBurst is our way of saying thanks to the smaller airplane companies and aircraft owners who deserve some savings during these difficult times of global unemployment and reduced incomes, especially for the holiday season.

But please let me take a moment of your time to talk about some facts, as nowadays it seems that ethics and truth are no longer the standard that people live by.

Unethical aviation companies are making foreign uncertified poor-imitation copies of our lights and promoting them as something new they developed.  We find this despicable, not investing in their own development but rather stealing IP and making poor imitations of our world-class solutions we have made for you for more than 15 years now.  Even worse, they actually claim these inferior copies are Proudly Made in the USA when all the while they are using components and products made in China and Taiwan by non-aerospace qualified companies.  This is shameful to say the least, and of course there is no quality traceability involved at all.  The proof of this is easily found online in numerous public acces tracking websites of International Bill of Lading shipments by importer and exporter search.  We have copies of all the many many ongoing shipments and you can get it too online.  Write me and I will give you the exact names of their Chinese producers to assist your online search.  The truth is indisputable but very inconvenient for them, but also a perfect insight to their ethics.

At Aveo, we do not make lights in foreign paintball equipment factories or at foreign fabricators and with suspect materials and dangerous chemicals.  We are an EASA and FAA certified and AS9100D certified company with facilities of over a quarter million square feet of world-leading technology,  all owned debt-free in the USA and Europe.  

We have spent a lot of time this year on some amazing new developments and technologies which I think will be an exciting 2021, and we will be releasing new products on a bi-weekly basis, so please monitor our website regularly, you will not be disappointed.

Aveo is here 24/7, and we’ve always got your six.

It is what I was trained to do.